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Join in a nighttime search for evidence of life after death in the darkest, most paranormally active graveyards in Elgin, IL
Enjoy this spooky Historic Ghost Hunt Cemetery Tour of Elgin, IL slide show
The Asylum Cemetery Haunted History Tour is a uniquely frightening experience right out of a horror movie; because you'll be visiting an isolated, abandoned cemetery for the night!

Bring flashlights, cameras and nerves of steel as you visit two haunted sites within the old asylum grounds (now the Elgin Sports Complex) where the unquiet dead tries to reach out to the living:

• For over a century at the Elgin State Mental Hospital, the depressed and unwanted were locked in with deranged, evil psychopaths, subjected to inhumane "cures" of shocking brutality. The lost souls and eternally damned alike gather at HELL'S BACK GATE longing to escape. An exceptionally active site, where ghost tour founder Diane Ladley had one of the most unnerving paranormal encounters in her life!

• Then you'll get back in your car to follow the Ghost Host within the Sports Complex to the grand finale...the long-abandoned ELGIN STATE MENTAL HOSPITAL PAUPERS' CEMETERY. It's said a dark entity rules here, one so dangerous that it's been closed to all, both night and day.

PLEASE NOTE: During the Asylum tour, we do not enter into any buildings, nor do we walk among the gravestones in the asylum cemetery. The reasons why will be explained during the tour...and may not be what you'd expect.

Nothing is rigged or staged, so anything you experience here is absolutely real. If you are 16 or older, and have the courage to take this tour, it will haunt you long after the night is over. And yet--gazing out over the fog-shrouded, secluded burial grounds is still too disturbing for most.

Are you afraid? If you're not yet, you will be.

$25 per adult, reservations required.

Max 30 adults, minimum 6.

Meet by the old Larkin Center School, 515 Sports Way, Elgin, IL 60123-0601, inside the Elgin Sports Complex. Follow the directional signs.

Tour runs 90 minutes on multiple nights, multiple times. See our Tour Calendar for dates.

Due to the intense nature of this tour, NO ONE age 15 or less is allowed.
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PLEASE NOTE: No one is allowed to enter any cemetery or park, public or private, after posted hours. The City of Elgin has granted us access to these places so long as we show the utmost respect and consideration for these sacred resting places of the dead.

There may be areas within these sites that we do not access due to contractual and moral obligations. Please obey your Ghost Host at all times. Any hint of disrespect to the dead or ghoulish attitude displayed on these ghost hunt tours will NOT be tolerated. We reserve the right to immediately
remove any disorderly
ghost tour guest from the
tour with no refund ...

or maybe we'll just
leave you in there
for the malevolent entities to chew on.
Photo of a mysterious "Lady in White" taken at Bluff City Cemetery in Elgin, IL by Lois Janisch on September 2012. I tried to debunk it as a break in the trees, but it's not clear blue sky, like the other openings.

-Diane Ladley
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Join in a nighttime search for evidence of life after death in the darkest, most paranormally active graveyards in Elgin, IL
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Think this haunted tour is just another Halloween event? YOU'RE DEAD WRONG. Because this 3-hour guided walking tour takes you INSIDE Elgin Illinois' gothic, intensely haunted Bluff City Cemetery to get HANDS ON experience with a whole ghost hunter's toybox of equipment . . . in the dead of night! Your mission? To capture hard evidence of life after death like those ghost hunting TV shows!

• Feel a corpse-cold finger of fear slither down your spine as the EMF ghost meter in your hand suddenly flashes a warning of an invisible presence materializing silently nearby.

• Hear the voices of the dead coming through on the SB7 Spirit Box. Is it calling you by name?

• Patiently watch for the many Shadow People to break the eerie green beams of a laser light grid as the follow our tours, watch from the hilltops, and occasionally touch you with icy fingers.

• Try not to scream as the trigger doll's hands and face light up, detecting a strong electric current--with no natural source for miles around.

• In addition to the EMF ghost meter you're provided with at the start of the tour, you'll have a chance to get hands on training in the ancient art of dowsing rods in paranormal communication.

• Discuss the latest theories on the paranormal with experienced investigators, learn paranormal photography tips, spot the Shadowmen as the psychic medium points them out to you, hear their encounters, share yours with them!

PLEASE NOTE: Nothing is rigged or staged, no one jumps out at you. Any hint of disrespect to the dead is NOT tolerated. Though granted full access, we voluntarily restrict all our activities exclusively to the historic sections of the cemetery.
life after death
$35 per adult, reservations required.

Max 35 adults, minimum 6.

Meets at Bluff City Cemetery, 945 Bluff City Blvd., Elgin, IL 60120.

Runs 3 hours most weekends in Nov. and Dec.

Due to the mature nature of this activity, NO ONE age 13 or less is allowed; and ages 14 & 15 must be accompanied by an adult AT ALL TIMES. NOT ADVISED for guests with physical difficulties, due to hills and extensive walking.
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"Thank you for the excellent tour you gave my family. They said it was the best thing they have ever experienced. They will definitely spread the word about Haunted Hometowns."
Lucy L., from Elgin 4-hr. Cemetery
Ghost Hunt Tour
Respect the dead.
Untouched images taken by paranormal photographer Mike Smith, May 4th, 2014, 9:12 PM at Bluff City Cemetery with the Raggedy Anne emf trigger doll. Light on top of the cabin roof was a flashlight that inexplicably turned itself on just as the ribbon-like anomaly passed by. Canon 5D Mark III 30sec at f/16 ISO 100 Lens Canon EF50mm f/1.2L USM Copyright 2014 Photographic Services International
I have to say that this was an incredible experience. The Ghost Hosts were amazing! My husband and I are still talking about it!! :-) I cannot get over the Raggedy Ann Doll, my experience with it was awesome! I will highly recommend [the ghost tours] to everyone. I cannot wait to join your tour on another ghost hunt.

Olivia O., from Elgin 3-hr. Bluff City Cemetery
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The Elgin cemetery ghost tours are back! Thanks to the generosity of an amazing ghost tour fan (who wishes to remain anomynous), you can now enjoy our most frightening, thrilling, and intense ghost tours. On behalf of everyone who will take the tours, THANK YOU, anonymous donor!